Idiom:  with a vengeance


Idiom:  with a vengeance

  • with great time, energy or force
  • used to emphasize something happens in an extreme way or to a much greater extent than expected

Example sentences

  • After my wife found out someone stole money from her wallet, she came out of the kitchen with a vengeance to ask who took the money.
  • After a terrible performance in the first half, the football team returned to the field with a vengeance in the second half.
  • When the sky turn dark grey and the wind started blowing with a vengeance, we ran quickly inside the house for shelter.
  • The cancer returned with a vengeance and the patient died two months later.
  • We packed orders before the holidays with a vengeance to make sure all the kids would have their toys on Christmas.
  • Hurricane season is back with a vengeance this year, causing even more damage than the year before.
  • Protesters took to the street with a vengeance after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.


  • with all stops out
  • all out
  • flat out
  • at full tilt
  • with all one's heart

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