Idiom:  want for something


Idiom:  want for something

  • to not have something you need

Example sentences

— My family was poor but we never wanted for love.

— When I volunteered in Africa, I realized I really didn’t want for anything.

— My parents were poor and were always in want of something, so I grew up with a poverty mindset.

— If my daughter calls me, it's always because she is in want for money.

— If your mother is in want of anything at all, please let me know because I'm very happy to help.

— Your kids are not in want of money, they're in want of your attention and that's why they keep acting out.

— Many of the homeless are in want of mental healthcare, which is the real source of their problems.

— The animal shelter is in urgent want of  blankets, cleaning supplies, cat and dog food and people who can foster animals until they can be permanently adopted.

— If your son is in want of tutoring, there are free services available through the local junior college.

— Our house is in want of many repairs, so we're trying to decide whether to take care of these things or sell our house as is for a lower price.


  • short of
  • hard up
  • down and out
  • in need

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