Idiom:  walk out (on someone)

Image of a hand "walking" with little shoes on two of the fingers. Example "My mom walked out on my dad when I was 16."


Idiom:  walk out (on someone)

  • to suddenly end or abandon a relationship

Example sentences

  • The cleaning staff walked out on the hotel during our stay so our room was only cleaned once all week.
  • My sister was so scared of her boyfriend she finally walked out on him, only taking a few clothes with her.
  • I was so immature at my first job and just walked out on the team without giving any advance notice.
  • My dad walked out on us when I was seven but my mom remarried two years later.
  • The coach walked out on us before the game after he found out we had all been drinking at a party the night before.
  • We'll risk our wait staff walking out on us if we don't hire more staff soon.
  • My son will never walk out on his family but I've recommended he get marital counseling.
  • My first wife walked out on me after our son was born and honestly, I can't blame her because I was not a good husband or father.


  • move out
  • take a walk
  • take a hike
  • ditch someone

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