Idiom:  walk off with something


Idiom:  walk off with something

  • to leave with something that you didn’t have permission to take

Note: This can be done intentionally or by mistake.

Example sentences

  • I had a party Saturday night and someone walked off with my mom’s gold bracelet.
  • Rats! That customer just walked off with my pen.
  • Did that man just walk off with your drink? I cannot believe that.
  • Could you please give me another packet? I put mine on my seat while I went to the restroom and someone walked off with it.
  • We have to keep the restroom key on this huge key chain so people don't accidentally walk off with it.
  • Since we hired a security guard, fewer people walk off with our merchandise.
  • Who walked off with all of the Swiss chocolates that I left in the employee lounge?
  • The reason you have to fill out a form for office supplies is that employees walk off with everything if we leave the supply closed unlocked.
  • Oops! I walked off with someone else's keys by mistake.


  • run off with something
  • nick something

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