Idiom:  wake up to something


Idiom:  wake up to something

  • to become aware and understand something important (especially an existing problem, threat or danger).

Example sentences

—  One day you’re going to wake up to the fact that worrying about your daughter doesn’t help her but it does hurt you.

—  When he really wakes up to understanding how much he hurt us, then maybe I’ll give him a second chance.

—  I finally woke up to the fact that my best friend was spreading lies about me and wasn't my friend at all.

—  woke up to my financial problems finally when I was at a dinner date and my credit card was rejected.

—  It's was hard to wake up to the reality that my children are teenagers and don't want to share everything with me anymore. 

—  It's never easy to wake up to the fact that the world can be a very cruel place.

—  As the Corona virus spreads farther and faster, we're waking up to a world where people cannot even leave their homes.

—  Parents are finally waking up to the dangers of allowing their children to use social media unsupervised.

—  When will people wake up to fact that prescription drug addiction is not just a problem for individuals but also extremely damaging to the economy?

— I woke up to a complete mess of my life after a summer of going out every single night and binge drinking. I finally had to quit alcohol completely.


  • wake up and smell the coffee
  • dawn on someone

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