Idiom:  wait out something


Idiom:  wait out something (wait something out)

  • to let time pass until something ends (usually something bad)

Example sentences

— The authorities have ordered all residents to evacuate their homes—no one is allowed to wait the hurricane out.

— I tried to wait out the thunderstorm but after 20 minutes I had no choice but to run to my car and I got soaking wet.

— There’s nothing the doctor can do—it’s the flu and I’ve just got to rest and wait it out.

— All flights are delayed until the fog lifts. Let's wait the delay out at the bar.

— The tennis players waited out the rain delay in the locker room.

— We'll have to wait out the stock market until it recovers or well lose a lot of our investment.

— My two-year-old had a meltdown crying and screaming on the plane and all we could do was wait it out.

— The barber butchered my hair. It'll grow eventually but all I can do is wear my baseball cap whenever possible while I wait it out.


  • sit tight
  • keep your shirt on

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