Idiom:  wait on someone


Idiom:  wait on someone

  • to serve someone, especially in a restaurant or store

Example sentences

— When my kids became teenagers I stopped waiting on them and they quickly learned how to help themselves.

— “Would you like to try on those shoes?” “Thank you but another salesperson is waiting on us.”

— Being sick hasn't been so bad because I've stayed in bed and my husband has been waiting on me all week.

— Welcome to Mia's Pizzeria. My name's Joey and I'll be waiting on you tonight.

— I always loved waiting on my dad when I was a little girl. He'd sit in his recliner chair and I'd bring him the paper, drinks, his dinner, etc.

— My boyfriend and I wait on each other in equal amounts I think.

— Did you hear my ex-husband went to the Philippines to try to find a younger woman to marry and bring back here to wait on him!


  • wait on someone hand and foot

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