Idiom:  wait on someone hand and foot


Idiom:  wait on someone hand and foot

  • to do many different things to serve someone
  • to serve someone's every need

Example sentences

— When I broke both of my legs my mother had to come over to my place and wait on me hand and foot.

— He’s disgusting—he makes his poor wife wait on him hand and foot while he watches television.

— When you fly Emirates Airlines, they wait on you hand and foot.

— I really enjoy waiting on my wife hand and foot and she really appreciates everything I do.

— It's gross how many old American men go overseas to marry young Asian women who will wait on them hand and foot.

—  hate having others wait on me hand and foot—I prefer to get up and serve myself.

— For Mother's Day, we're going to wait on her hand and foot and also clean the house from top to bottom.

— Our neighbor's nanny just quit and went back to France because they were making her wait on them hand and foot, in addition to taking care of their kids.

— After my mom had a stroke she needed someone to wait on her hand and foot.

— Women who earn money usually are not trapped at home having to wait on their husbands hand and foot.


  • make a fuss over
  • roll out the red carpet

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