Idiom:  ups and downs


Idiom:  ups and downs

  • good and bad things
  • both good and bad times

Example sentences

— There have been many ups and downs in my career but overall it was a success.

— I really liked his talk because he discussed both the ups and downs of being a famous actor.

— Even the best marriages have their ups and downs.

— Leave your money in the stock market. It has its ups and downs but you have invested wisely and will see a good return over time.

— Our team has had it's ups and downs during the year but it's been a great experience and I've made a lot of friends.

— My boyfriend and I have had our ups and downs but it's been mostly a wonderful relationship.

— Having a dog has its ups and downs but it's mostly ups for me.

— High school had its ups and downs and I'm so ready for college and freedom!

— There is no perfect profession. Everything has its ups and downs so just pick something and see how you like it.

— Traveling on a group tour had its ups and downs but overall, it was nice to have a guide and transportation from location to location.


  • peaks and valleys
  • pluses and minuses
  • pros and cons

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