Idiom:  up to no good


Idiom:  (be) up to no good

  • doing something wrong or bad

Example sentences

— My puppy is always up to no good so I have to watch her very carefully.

— My husband has been coming home very late and I’m worried he’s up to no good.

— Stop hanging out with those Emo kids at school. They are up to no good.

— Whenever it's quiet in the house I know my twins are up to no good.

— Our daughter's teacher called to tell us she's been up to no good recently.

— When I was a teenager, I was always up to no good and caused my parents a lot of stress.

— We're going to have to let Sharon go. She's been up to no good and relationships between our team members are now strained.

— Where were you last night? I have a feeling you were up to no good because you didn't even call.

— We started monitoring the accountant's email because we think she might be up to no good.

— My son's grades dropped last semester. I know he's up to no good but I haven't figured out exactly what he's doing.

— I'm sorry to tell you but your daughter is up to no good. I saw her smoking outside the shopping mall yesterday.


  • make mischief / get into mischief
  • be naughty
  • cause trouble
  • act up
  • mess around
  • make trouble

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