Idiom:  up in the air


idiom:  up in the air

  • not decided about something
  • not developed
  • not finalized

Example sentences

— Our plans for the summer holiday are still up in the air because my boss hasn’t approved my vacation request.

— Everything is still up in the air until we finalize a budget for the conference.

— The speakers for the annual conference are still up in the air because the directors can't seem to agree on this year's theme.

— Is the date for the meeting still up in the air? Make sure you leave enough time for people to clear their calendars.

— Have you hired someone yet or is the job description for the position still up in the air?

— I have no idea who will be coming to dinner next week. The guest list is still up in the air until we figure out who will be in town.

— Is the parking situation still up in the air or were we able to get a guest pass?

— Can we make some tentative plans?  If you leave everything up in the air much longer the prices of flights and hotels will be much higher.

— We just got back from Mexico and it was fantastic. We booked the trip at the last minute so we left all the details up in the air and had a lazy, relaxing vacation.

— Unfortunately, there are no seats remaining on the 5:00 flight. See what happens when you leave things up in the air?

— Please don't tell anyone about this but my daughter's engagement is now up in the air since she found out her fiancé has almost $50,000 in credit card debt.

— Our plans for the New Year’s are still up in the air but I’ll let you know what we decide in case you want to join us.

— The person who we'll select to replace the cleaner is still up in the air but we have a good list of candidates to choose from.


  • yet to be decided
  • in the works

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