Idiom:  up and running


Idiom:  up and running

  • operating or functioning normally or properly

Example sentences

  • Luckily, the technician got the Internet up and running again after 20 minutes.
  • She had hoped to have the new department up and running by the new year, but everything was behind schedule.
  • We hope to get the electricity up and running within six hours.
  • After we switched offices, our IT Department had us all up and running again before the end of the day.
  • We need to get the contest up and running on August 28th.
  • Online registration is now up and running for early-bird registrants.
  • Please check Instagram to see if it's up and running again.
  • You can inform all our customers that we'll have a service outage at 2:00 AM but we'll be up and running again at 5:00 AM.
  • WordPress is really easy to install. With this theme, your website will be up and running with just a few clicks.


  • in full swing
  • in the groove
  • on an even keel

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