Idiom:  (be) up and about / around


Idiom:  (be) up and about / around

  • out of bed and feeling better again, especially after illness or injury
  • out of bed and active after sleep

Example sentences

— After the surgery, she was up and about after just a week.

— It’s so nice to be up and around after being in bed with the flu for a week.

— My wife was up and about this morning and seemed fine but by the afternoon she was so dizzy we had to take her back to the hospital.

— After you have kids you'll be so sleep deprived. My youngest is up and about early in the morning.

— Our entire family had the flu for about 10 days except my husband, who was up and about in just four days.

— Doctor, how long do you think it will be until she's up and around again?

— I couldn't leave the house for two weeks after I injured my foot, but now that I have a knee scooter I'm up and about.

— I'm usually up and about at 7:00 am because I need to take the dogs out.

— A: Will you go wake up Sharon?  B: Actually, she's already up and about and took a shower an hour ago.

— I'm so exhausted. My wife was up and about really early doing some exercising and I couldn't fall back to sleep. 

— You would feel much better if you were up and around before noon on the weekends.


  • get moving
  • get a move on
  • alive and kicking
  • shake a leg

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