Idiom:  turn the tables

idiom turn the tables on someone


Idiom:  turn the tables (on someone)

  • to reverse or change a situation to its opposite
  • to gain an advantage in a situation

Example sentences

— My wife turned the tables on me and started mowing the lawn and taking out the trash. Now I have to cook, clean, grocery shop, iron and do the wash.

— Our opponents turned the tables on us and started playing aggressive defense in the second half of the game.

— I sure hope my son will turn the tables and become serious about his studies.

— Our staff was chronically late. We turned the tables on them by allowing them to have flexible work hours but requiring them to scan their ID into a time clock at the start and end of the work day. Now, everyone is on time because they don't want to leave the office late.

— It was clever when the actress said, "Let's turn the tables for a moment" and then asked the television host really personal questions about his sex life.

— With just a few days left before the election we have to be prepared the opposition will try to turn the tables with some dirty tricks.

— "Let's turn the tables in the second half," the coach yelled as we returned to the playing field after halftime.

— Today's hearing is going to be very interesting. Our witness' explosive testimony will turn the tables on this case.

— If we don't find a way to turn the tables soon we are going to have to start laying off employees next month.


  • gain/get the upper hand
  • flip the script (on someone)

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