Idiom:  tough as nails


Idiom:  tough as nails (hard as nails)

  1. very strong, determined, persistent
  2. not tending to feel any emotions, especially sadness or sympathy.

Example sentences

— She may be the smallest pup but she’s as tough as nails.

— The other team was hard as nails and we were intimidated by them from the very beginning.

— Ask Brian to help move the desk—he's tough as nails.

— My grandmother is tough as nails. She just competed in the Masters World Powerlifting Championships and can bench press more than I can.

— Be nice to the director's secretary. She's hard as nails and can make your life difficult.

— If anyone can deal with sensitive customer relations issues, it's Sandy. She's tough as nails.

— Our dad has always been tough as nails, even when our sister died in an accident.

— You don't have to always be hard as nails. It's okay to ask for and receive help.


strong / determined:

  • a tough cookie
  • bound and determined
  • nose to grindstone
  • stop at nothing


  • matter of fact
  • be poker-faced
  • without blinking an eye

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