Idiom:  three dog night

three dog night idiom meaning


Idiom:  three dog night

  • a very cold night

Note:  Regarding the origins of this saying, before there was electric/gas heating, people sometimes brought their dog into the bed for extra warmth. For an extremely cold night, you'd need to bring three dogs into the bed.

Example sentences

— Bring your coat, mittens and hat because it's going to be a three dog night.

— I just love three dog nights sitting around the fire drinking hot cocoa.

— I don't care how much a taxicab costs. I'm not taking the bus on a three dog night.

— I would hate to be on the football team. They even have to play games on three dog nights.

— I first started college at the University of Minnesota. In the winter, every night was a three dog night so I transferred to a college in Florida my second year.

— This is hardly cold. Go to Alaska if you want to experience a three dog night.

— Another three dog night and my dog, cat and I are all snuggled under the covers watching Netflix.

— My wife booked us a week long vacation to Florida. I cannot wait. These three dog nights are brutal.

— Even though we have three dog nights throughout February and March, at least we get to see blue skies and the sun. In London, it was always cold and grey, which was depressing.

— There have been more three dog nights so far this month than all of last year. Climate change is real!

— On three dog nights we try to get all of the homeless people into shelters around the city but many do not want to abandon their belongings.

— My father's car just broke down on the highway. Luckily, I'm just ten minutes away. He said not to worry but it's dangerous to wait for hours for a tow truck on a three dog night.


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