Idiom:  those were the days


Idiom:  those were the days

  • looking fondly at or happily remembering a time in the past

Example sentences

— I really wish people would still send letters through the post—those were the days when it was fun to go to the mailbox.

— I miss the music of the 60s, 70s and 80s when musicians wrote their own songs and played instruments. Those were the days

— Do you remember when people could actually sing and no one used auto tune? Those were the days.

— I can't believe how expensive gas is now. I remember when you could buy a gallon for less than one dollar. Those were the days.

— We've just created a new line of kitchen appliances using colors from the 1950s. Our aim is to make customers long for the past and think "those were the days."

— Would you believe that gas stations used to employ people to pump your gas and they even washed your windshields? Those were the days.

— I really prefer it when someone sends a card in the mail. Those were the days when people actually took the time to write a thoughtful message to friends and family.

— Call me sexist or old fashioned but I always thought it was nice when men opened doors for women. Those were the days

— I used to buy fresh bread every morning when I lived in Paris. Those were the days

— I know you were born too late to know what life was like before cell phones but I'm telling you those were the days!


  • the good old days

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