Idiom:  think on one's feet


Idiom:  think on one's feet

  • to be able to think and handle a situation quickly

Example sentences

  • Lawyers need to be able to think on their feet when they're in the courtroom.
  • Luckily my neighbor was thinking on his feet and called security when he saw people moving things from my apartment—they were actually robbers not movers. 
  • Fortunately, he thought on his feet when he saw the pitbull dog acting aggressively and jumped on the roof of his car before calling 9-1-1.
  • When politicians debate other candidates, they have to be able to think on their feet.
  • We were so lucky that somebody was thinking on their feet when my baby started turning blue and realized she was choking on something.
  • If you want to be a news reporter on television, you'll need to be able to think on your feet.
  • After working with refugees in developing countries for the past 10 years, I learned how to think on my feet and handle dangerous situations.


  • make it up as one goes along

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