Idiom:  news to me


Idiom:  that’s / it's news to me

  • this is the first time the person has heard some information, especially if they are surprised or shocked by the information.

Example sentences

— It was news to me that my parents had divorced when I was five and remarried two years later.

— A:  “Did you know I used to sell photocopier machines when I was in college?” B:  “No, that’s news to me.”

— Your prices went up 40 percent? That's news to me!

— Well, it's news to me if Sandy and Joe are moving. I just saw them and they didn't mention anything to me.

— It was news to me when the principal told me my son had dropped out of high school.

— It was news to all of us when our priest was accused of stealing money from the church.

— Obviously, everyone else had been told but it was news to my wife and I that our son got engaged last weekend.

— Well, it's news to me if you bought a new car! You said you were "thinking" about it.

— It was news to me that my ex-girlfriend was pregnant but I pretended I already knew.


  • can't / don't believe it
  • strangely enough
  • oddly enough

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