Idiom:  takes the cake


Idiom:  (something) takes the cake

  • an extreme example of something (e.g., especially good, bad or shocking)

Example sentences

— All of her boyfriends are rich but the millionaire businessman she’s dating right now takes the cake.

— My brothers say many things I cannot repeat but when my sister watches football her swearing takes the cake

— As a teacher, I've heard some crazy excuses for missing class but having to attend your iPhone's funeral takes the cake.

— We've seen some terrible hoarding situations but 225 dogs in an efficiency apartment really takes the cake. How did no one hear these animals from the other apartments?

— There were so many good performances this evening but Sandra's piano solo really took the cake.

— My son has had temper tantrums before but his antics on the bus this afternoon really took the cake. I was so embarrassed when the bus driver made us get off.

— I've had pimples before but this one on my nose really takes the cake.  I really hope someone can edit it out of my senior picture. 

— There's some really great costumes but yours takes the cake. Congratulations.

— My husband loves tiramisu and yours really takes the cake.  Would you share the recipe?

— This candidate's portfolio takes the cake. Look at these incredible portraits of people from all around the world.

— It's understandable for companies to make employees use a time clock but requiring workers to to get chips implanted in their wrists to track attendance takes a cake.

— I thought my brother had a large comic book collection but yours takes the cake.

— Our previous hotel was very nice but this resort really takes the cake!


  • steal the show

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