Idiom:  take up where we left off


Idiom:  pick / take up where someone left off

  • to resume or continue doing something from the last point where someone else had stopped

Example sentences

— It was difficult to take up the project where my predecessor left off because she didn’t leave any notes.

— Julie, please pick up reading where Jonathan left off.

— Okay, everyone it's 12:00 noon and time for lunch. Please be back by 1:00 pm and we'll take up where we just left off.

— It was really easy coming back to work after maternity leave. I took up where I left off as if I hadn't been away for six months.

— I was hoping to pick up where I left off but after seven years at home raising my young children, I've discovered the industry has completely changed.

— Roger Federer took right back up where he left off after his surgery, winning another Grand Slam tennis title.

— We hoped our boss wouldn't work so much after suffering a heart attack but once he recuperated, he picked right back up where he left off.

— That's all for today everyone. Next week we'll take up where we left off today.

— Would you believe there was a fire drill in the middle of the session? When we were finally able to return to the building, we had to start the next session instead of picking up where we left off because of time constraints.

— I hadn't seen Jim in a year but we just took up where we left off as if we'd been in touch all the time in between.

— Okay, let's switch dancers. Patricia, come to the front and take up where we left off.


  • carry on with
  • keep on
  • pick up again

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