Idiom:  take something at face value


Idiom:  take something at face value

  • to accept something the way that it appears or looks

Example sentences

— This guy seems very sweet but be careful of taking people at face value.

— Believe me, you can take this special offer at face value. There's no extra costs or fees. 

— Never take what a car salesman says at face value, there are usually hidden costs.

— I wish I hadn't taken what he said at face value and had insisted on a contract.

— My mechanic is very trustworthy. You can certainly take his recommendations at face value.

— President Trump makes a lot of threats but you can't take everything he says at face value. In fact you probably can't take anything he says at face value.

— Cell phone videos have allowed us to see what's actually happened in many in police shootings, so it's hard to take anything they say at face value.

— That was a bizarre rant. I wouldn't take that at face value.


  • place confidence in
  • have faith in
  • build trust in

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