Idiom:  take someone up on something


Idiom:  take someone up on something

  • to accept someone’s offer or invitation

Note:  It is common to add the words "just might" in front of this phrase to indicate that although you are undecided, there is a good possibility that you will accept the offer or invitation.

Example sentences

— I hope you’ll take me up on going out to have coffee one day.

— I just might take you up on your offer to babysit next weekend.

— Last night we took our neighbor up on his invitation to use his tickets to see the Yankee's baseball game. It was awesome.

— Unfortunately, we just might have to take my mother-in-law up on her suggestion that we move into her basement apartment.

— How could you take her up on her invitation to go to the dance? She's your ex-girlfriend's sister!

— Hello, it's Sharon. I've decided to take you up on your offer to teach me tennis. 

— You should take your doctor up on her offer to get you a month's supply of samples before filling the prescription. That way, you can see if there are any serious side effects. 

— My daughter is too proud to take me up my offer to get her a housekeeper. 

— I wish I'd taken my boss up on his offer to let me work from home on Friday's. 

— You better take up your teacher's kind offer to write you a recommendation. Get the form to her today!

— My son decided not to take his colleague up on her offer to switch shifts because he said she'll expect him to do the same.


  • go along with
  • make a deal

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