Idiom:  take into account


idiom:  take (something) into account 

  • to carefully think about or consider something
  • to consider something as an important factor in a decision

Example sentences

— We thought we could drive to the beach in two hours but we didn’t take Friday traffic into account and we got there five hours later.

— I hope they will take my volunteering experience into account when selecting interviewees for the job.

— Don't forget to take into account whether or not the applicant has any relatives who completed this program.

— When sentencing the defendant to probation, the judge took into account the fact that this was the first time he had ever been in trouble with the law.

— Fortunately, my professor took my illness into account when deciding to grant me an extension on my term paper.

— Have you taken additional expenses into account? A Mercedes Benz will have much higher car insurance and maintenance expenses.

— You should leave an hour earlier. I don't think you're taking into account the time you'll need to get through airport security.

— If you take the free delivery into account, I think you'll realize the price is very reasonable.

— I know you don't particularly like Bob but please take into account that he is your aunt's husband and it would be strange not to invite him to your wedding.

— This phone plan takes all four members of your family into account for one low monthly fee of $69.00.

— What variables have you taken into account for this study?

— After taking the child's traumatic upbringing into account we felt another family who fostered a similar child would be better suited in this instance.

— If you can just take into account that it's normal to make mistakes when learning a foreign language it will be more enjoyable for you.


  • bear in mind
  • take into consideration
  • pay attention to

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