Idiom:  take a walk


Idiom:  take a walk

  • to leave or go away
  • to abandon or quit
  • a rude way of telling someone to go away

Example sentences

—  When the customer wouldn’t stop yelling, my manager told him to take a walk or he’d call the police.

—  I’d rather take a walk than stay in an abusive relationship.

—  We checked his references and his last employer said he just took a walk without giving proper notice.

—  Why don't YOU take a walk! I was here first.

—  My colleague was told to take a walk after she posted racist tweets.

—  Our coach reminded us that if any of us are caught drinking during football season, we will be told to take a walk.

—  Can you believe our professor took a walk when a student challenged some of his remarks?

—  I'm going to take a walk if my supervisor doesn't give me better work assignments.

—  What are you going to do—just take a walk whenever something is difficult?

—  The moment I met my girlfriend's parents, I had to take a walk. I want really close relations with my future in-laws and they're bigots.


  • walk out on
  • run out on
  • kick someone out
  • go away!

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