Idiom:  poke / stick your nose into something


Idiom:  poke / stick your nose into something

  • to intentionally try to find information or get involved in something that is private

Example sentences

— Just because we're married doesn’t give you the right to stick your nose into my business and read my private emails.

— I’ve asked to be moved to a new department.  I can’t say anything without my colleague trying to stick his nose into every conversation I have and I’m tired of it.

— We wanted to poke our nose into the new salary survey but the HR director locked the book away as soon as it arrived.

— Try to poke your nose into our competitor's new product line before they launch it.

— Why is your mom always sticking her nose into our conversations?

— I poked my nose into my daughter-in-law's bag and unfortunately, she's still taking birth control pills.

— I've got four sisters and each one of them sticks their nose into my stuff.

— My wife's going to poke her nose into my daughter's phone this evening because she's been acting strangely lately.

— Watch out. My aunt will try to stick her nose in your business if you give her the slightest chance.

— We're going for a walk and will poke our nose into the new house they're building down the road to see what it's like.


  • nose around
  • snoop around
  • dig around

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