Idiom:  spring to mind

An anxious boy has weeds and an image of a boy sneezing in his head. "When the teacher asked what we thought of spring, weeds in the garden and allergies sprang to mind. Everyone else said flowers."


Idiom:  spring to mind

  • to suddenly come to your thoughts

Note: This thought that comes to your mind is often an example of something.

Also note that the past tense of the verb "spring" is irregular:  sprang (NOT springed).

Example sentences

— When I think of the 80s, big hair, the Rubick's cube, Atari, shoulder pads and Duran Duran  spring to mind.

— A: "Hot dogs for breakfast?"  B: "Sorry, honey, it was the first thing that sprang to mind."

— The psychiatrist asked me what springs to mind when I get angry with my wife.

— What do I think of Donald Trump? The first thing that springs to mind is MAGA hats and golden painted toilets.

— I really wish my daughter wouldn't always say what springs to mind but she's only two-years old.

— The interviewer asked me what springs to mind when I hear a thunderstorm. It was weird and I'm not sure what she was trying to understand.

— There's a quote that springs to mind in this situation: there's no time like the present.

— The first question that springs to mind is "why" do you want to get another dog when you can barely take care of yourself?

— Twenty years later, visions of my ex-girlfriend still spring to mind every Valentine's day.

— It's a difficult question but I think Olga Korbut springs to mind when I think of the first athlete that inspired me.

— The only thing that sprang to mind when I won the award was to thank my cat for always being there for me. 

— When it comes to vacation spots, Italy and France often first spring to travelers' minds.

— One example of healthier eating that springs to mind is incorporating healthy fats like olive oil and avocados into your diet.


  • comes to mind
  • crosses your mind
  • goes through your head
  • dawns on someone

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