Idiom:  split hairs


Idiom:  split hairs

  • to argue about small details or differences

Example sentences

  • Although we both agreed to divorce, my husband is splitting hairs about our settlement.
  • I’ll just pay the whole bill myself—I hate splitting hairs about the charges. 
  • If we continue to split hairs, we'll never get this project started.
  • It may seem like we're splitting hairs, but if we don't state the small details in the contract there will be disagreements later.
  • If you're not willing to split hairs, then don't try to be a sports agent because the small details are important to your clients.
  • I hate to split hairs but the difference of a couple of cents will be very significant when we're talking about hundreds of thousands of orders.
  • Usually, I'm not one to split hairs but you're running over budget on every single project and that's becoming a problem.
  • If you hate splitting hairs with your friends over restaurant bills, use Splitwise or Divvy to easily divide the bill and calculate the tax and tip.


  • nitpick
  • pick to pieces

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