Idiom:  show your hand


Idiom:  show your hand

  • show or tell other people information or what you’re going to do

Example sentences

  • Now I’m careful not to show my hand to my colleague because he stole two of my ideas and proposed them to the director.
  • Do you think it's wise to show your hand before you file for a divorce?
  • In our negotiating class, we're learning how not to show our hands with body language and facial expressions.
  • I really like this girl in my economics class but I'm afraid to show my hand.
  • Why would you show your hand before the contract is signed?
  • During the interview, they asked which other companies already gave me job offers but I declined to show my hand.
  • I was tired of playing games and finally decided to show my hand with my prospective investors.
  • If we show our hand now, we may not get the funding we need for the project.


  • make no secret of something
  • not pull any punches

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