Idiom:  shift gears (switch gears)


Idiom:  shift gears (shift/switch/change gears)

  • change the way you do something
  • to suddenly stop what you’re doing and do something else

Example sentences

— She’d been working in accounting for several years but decided to switch gears and try out sales.

— I’ve been talking for 40 minutes so now I’ll shift gears and take some of your questions.

— I think this would be a good point to switch gears and review the report's findings.

— I love doing yoga after work. It feels so good to shift gears and relax after a hectic day.

— In the United States it's common for people to switch gears mid-career and go back to university to pursue higher education.

— We had to shift gears when a speaker didn't show up and do a breakout session instead of the lecture.

— Originally we planned to do a fundraising campaign by mail but we decided to switch gears and find a corporate sponsor instead.

— Let's shift gears and review the budget after lunch.

— Tomorrow morning we'll switch gears and break into small groups to discuss how to implement these proposals.

— The beginning of the book is a bit boring but the story shift gears in the third chapter and when the main character loses her job and travels to Africa.

— Okay, why don't we shift gears and discuss product marketing.

— You need to shift gears or we'll never make it through the agenda.

— No one wants to listen to me talk all day. After lunch we'll shift gears and take questions for an hour.

— After I shifted gears and focused on my team's mental health, we soon started winning matches again.


  • switch over
  • turn the tables
  • turn around
  • change your tune
  • switch things up

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