Idiom:  see the glass half empty


Idiom:  see the glass half empty

  • to see a situation as more negative then positive

Example sentences

— I don't know how they stay together! My mom is cheerful and positive about everything and my father normally sees the glass half empty.

— It's wise to think carefully but if you always see the glass half empty you'll become cynical. 

— My husband often sees the glass half empty so I usually have to remind him of the positive aspects of a situation.

— I used to always see the glass half empty until I got a personal coach who helped me look at situations more realistically.

— I'm worried about my daughter because she's normally optimistic but lately, no matter what the situation, she sees the glass half empty.

— To you, I see the glass half empty but I'm just very cautious and skeptical in life.

— I got fired from my last job because my manager said I always saw the glass half empty.

— It's healthy to see the glass half empty sometimes but your outlook is so unusually negative these days I think you may be clinically depressed.


  • see the glass half full

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