Idiom:  rose-colored glasses


Idiom:  rose-colored glasses

  • to see things as better than they really are
  • to see only the positives in a situation (and therefore in a way that is unrealistic)

Example sentences

— Please take off those rose-colored glasses. It's true that many pop singers cannot sing well but you can't dance or rap and you hate working hard.

— At first, I saw my husband through rose-colored glasses but after a year I realized he was just selfish and arrogant.

— Our director tends to see our department through rose-colored glasses but there are some serious problems within our team.

— Don't you think you might be looking at the sales projections through rose-colored glasses?  We've never earned anything close to this during any of our previous launches.

— When you're in college it's easy to see your future job prospects through rose-colored glasses?

— My son saw his future career in law enforcement through rose-colored glasses because of popular television shows but now he's dying to change careers.

— We always viewed living in a huge house through rose-colored glasses but now that we own one we can only see the financial burden.

— Most people see the lives of celebrities through rose-colored glasses but loss of privacy is a huge downside.

— Many beginning entrepreneurs see the prospect of working for themselves through rose-colored glasses but then find out they have to do all aspects of the business themselves.


  • a dream world
  • a rosy picture

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