Idiom:  the red-carpet treatment


Idiom:  (give) the red-carpet treatment

  • to treat someone with special care and attention

Note:  A red carpet is often put out when celebrities and dignitaries attend special events like movie premiers, galas and award ceremonies.

Example sentences

— We like to stay at the Four Seasons hotel because they give all their guests the red-carpet treatment.

— Thanks for a wonderful weekend and all the red-carpet treatment.

— I haven't seen my boyfriend in five months so I'm going to give him the red-carpet treatment all week while we're together.

— My mother-in-law expects the red-carpet treatment whenever she comes to our house.

— I highly recommend their conferences. They really offer the red-carpet treatment.

— After flying business class and first class for the past year, I've gotten used to the red-carpet treatment. I don't think I can fly in coach class again.

— Make sure you put a bottle of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries in her dressing room. She's a diva and expects the red-carpet treatment.

— If you wanted the red-carpet treatment, you should have booked the deluxe tour instead of the budget tour.

— We get the red-carpet treatment whenever we take our car for maintenance at the Mercedes dealership.

— My children gave me the red-carpet treatment for Mother's Day beginning with breakfast in bed and ending with a lovely evening bath.

— We gave the scholars-in-residence the red-carpet treatment the entire month yet only two participants wrote thank you notes.


  • roll out the red carpet
  • royal welcome

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