Idiom:  put one's feet up


Idiom:  put one's feet up

  • to relax and not do anything

Example sentences

— I'm exhausted but when I go to the beach this week I'm going to put my feet up.

— Why don't you stop cleaning and put your feet up?  Since you cooked dinner, I'm happy to wash the dishes.

— What did you do this weekend? Not much, I just put my feet up and watched television.

— I can't believe her adult children put their feet up while she cooks, cleans and does all of the other household chores. 

— I'm not the type of person who can put their feet up so it was difficult living in Tanzania, where foreigners are expected to hire a housekeeper, driver and other help.

— Good afternoon, we have now reached our cruising altitude and expect a smooth ride today, so put your feet up and enjoy the flight.

— I'm looking forward to our vacation in the Virgin Islands next week. All I want to do is put my feet up for a few days and go to bed early each night.

— I'm tired of doing all the work around the house while you put your feet up. Get up and help me do some yard work.

— Father's Day is the only day of the year that I actually put my feet up.


  • sit back
  • chill out
  • lounge around
  • take a load off (your feet)
  • stretch out

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