Idiom:  powder your nose


Idiom:  powder your nose

  • to visit the lavatory/bathroom to use the toilet
  • to visit the lavatory/bathroom to reapply makeup
  • to have a private conversation with other women in the lavatory/bathroom

Note:  This is an expression to describe the behavior women.

Example sentences

— Excuse me sir, I need to powder my nose.  Could you tell me where the restroom is?

— We’ll be back. We’ve got to powder our noses.

— If anyone needs to powder their nose, the ladies room is exceptionally clean here.

— Sheesh! Exactly how long does it take women to powder their noses?

— I'm going to powder my nose before the show starts.

— We couldn't believe it when we were powdering our noses and Rihanna walked in.

— Sorry we took so long. The line to powder our noses went all the way down the hall.

— Let's go powder our noses before the next panel of speakers starts.

— I'm going to powder my nose...want to join me?


  • go to the loo
  • use the facilities

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