Idiom:  over and over (again)


Idiom:  over and over (again)

  • repeating many times

Example sentences

— Shut up! You keep telling the same stories over and over and no one cares.

— I’ve replayed our conversation over and over again in my mind and I still don’t know what I said to offend her.

— We will do this gymnastic move over and over until you master it.

— My grandmother is senile so be prepared to hear the same story over and over.

— In order to learn a new vocabulary word you need to see it over and over again in context.

— My parents have the same stupid fights over and over. I hate it!

— My dog just wants me to scratch his ears and rub his tummy over and over.

— Our daughter is the valedictorian of her high school so she's been practicing her graduation speech over and over again for the past three weeks.

— You've told me over and over you would do your homework after dinner. From now on, you won't have access to your phone until you show me the finished assignment.

— I've been on hold for 15 minutes listening to the same stupid recording over and over.


  • for the thousandth time
  • time after time
  • again and again
  • time and again
  • morning, noon and night
  • ad nauseam
  • round/around the clock
  • 24/7

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