Idiom:  out of kilter


Idiom:  out of kilter

  • not working or functioning properly

Example sentences

— Our coffee machine was out of kilter this morning so I had to have tea instead.

— Is the photocopier still out of kilter?  I need to make copies of the report.

— My metabolism is out of kilter after doing a crash diet for six months.

— That cash machine is out of kilter so I wouldn't risk using it.

— The scanner is out of kilter again. Please call for service.

— When I woke up this morning my neck was out of kilter. I must have slept in the wrong position.

— Is it me or is my computer out of kilter?

— That was the worst trip of my life. The entertainment console was out of kilter and I couldn't even charge my phone during the 14-hour flight.

— The refrigerator's water filter is out of kilter so I've been drinking bottled water again.

— We're an hour late because the bathroom on the bus was out of kilter and we had to stop twice at rest stops.


  • on the blink
  • out of order
  • out of commission
  • out of whack
  • on the fritz

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