Idiom:  one’s jaw drops


Idiom:  one’s jaw drops (open)

  • to be shocked by something
  • to show great surprise

Example sentences

— When our son saw that we bought him a new car for his birthday, his jaw dropped.

— When they announced I was the one who got the promotion, everyone’s jaw dropped, including mine.

— My dad’s jaw is going to drop open when he sees my report card.

— My mother gave me a very nice Celine bag for my birthday and my jaw dropped open when I saw the $4,500 price tag.

— Our jaws dropped open when we saw the skimpy outfit my assistant was wearing to the office party—it was so inappropriate.

— The sergeant's jaw dropped when he came home from active duty in Syria and saw that his wife was six months pregnant.

— Our jaw dropped when we found out our son had started gender reassignment surgery to become a woman.

— Try not to let your jaw drop when you see Sandy's tattoo. I'm warning you now, it's huge.


  • lost for words
  • at a loss for words
  • caught off guard

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