Idiom:  one by one


Idiom:  one by one

  • one thing or person immediately after another

Example sentences

— Everyone please line up at the entrance one by one and then I’ll give you the tickets.

— The models came out one by one wearing incredibly skimpy underwear.

—  One by one the mourners passed by the casket and paid their respects to the deceased.

— Unfortunately, I ate the cookies one by one until the platter was empty.

— The athlete patiently signed autographs one by one for almost 30 minutes after the match.

— One by one the ducklings crossed the road behind their mother.

— Today, I carefully pulled weeds one by one all day long in my garden.

— We need to inspect each packet one by one to make sure each contains the necessary emergency supplies.

— One by one the children lined up to have their photo taken with Santa Claus.

— It took three years but I paid off my credit cards one by one and will never use them again.

— My hair started turning grey one by one and the next thing I knew I was balding too.

— Stay calm. Just answer each question one by one and don't worry if there's a few you don't understand—just move on to the next.


  • one after another
  • one after the other

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