Idiom:  one and only


Idiom:  one and only

  • the only person or type of something
  • beyond or above comparison to something else

Example sentences

— My grandmother was the one and only woman in her college who became a doctor.

— This is the one and only photo of your great-grandmother so be careful with it. 

— My one and only memory of traveling to Egypt was getting food poisoning and being sick for five days.

— This is my one and only copy so please don't write on it.

— The one and only conversation I had with his mother didn't go very well.

— The one and only race I won happened on the day my dad wasn’t there to see it.

— The one and only love of his life died in a car accident when he was 25 and he's never dated anyone since.

— Ladies and Gentlemen let me present the one and only Ms. Celine Dion!


  • once in a million
  • love of one's life

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