Idiom:  on view


Idiom:  on view

  • put in a place where everyone can see something

Example sentences

— Did you see the art exhibit? There are many famous impressionist paintings on view.

— There are many technology improvements on view at the electronics expo this year.

— The latest turbine-hybrid supercars were on view at the Geneva auto show this past weekend.

— How many of the Chinese terracotta soldiers are on view at this exhibition?   

— Visitors will be able to see many local artists' paintings and sculptures on view at the festival. 

— We are going to have all of your works of art on view this year at the library so this is exciting chance for you to show off your work. 

— What's on view this month at the National Gallery of Art?

— My girlfriends and I went to the flea market this weekend and there was a lot of handmade jewelry and crocheted clothing on view

— Is there anything special on view at the Louvre when we'll be in Paris?


  • on display
  • laid out
  • on exhibition
  • on show

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