Idiom:  on the job


Idiom:  on the job

  • while working

Example sentences

— We have a strict rule that there’s no checking Facebook on the job.

— I can’t believe you’re watching videos on your phone while on the job!  What if someone sees you?

— I find it really easy to maintain my diet during the day when I'm on the job but in the evening I can't resist the junk food at the house.

— Please don't call me while I'm on the job unless it's really an emergency.

— I'm sorry I didn't get your text message but I keep my phone in my locker while I'm on the job.

— What I love about this position is that I get so much practical training on the job.

— It's really important not to flirt with customers on the job.

— A doctor can prescribe a medication that will help you stay alert on the job when you have to work the graveyard shift. 


  • on duty
  • clocked in
  • punched in
  • at work

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