Idiom:  on the case


Idiom:  on the case

  • aware of a problem and doing what needs to be done to solve it
  • investigating something

Example sentences

  • Don’t worry, I’m already on the case and ordered extra supplies two days ago.
  • I woke-up early to get ready for the party we're hosting and was surprised to see my husband was already on the case, cleaning the kitchen.
  • When our neighbors' daughter didn't make it home from school, everyone on our street was on the case looking for her before the police had even arrived.
  • My assistant is always on the case—she already booked me on a different flight before I knew my original flight had been cancelled.
  • There's no internet so I called Verizon and they're already on the case investigating the problem.
  • The caterer's van broke down and won't be here in time for the luncheon. Will somebody get on the case immediately?
  • "Have you found a substitute speaker for the conference?" "Don't worry, I'm on the case and have already contacted two people."
  • Someone stole my credit card and before I reported it missing my bank was already on the case and had locked my account from additional charges.


  • taking care of something
  • looking into something

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