Idiom:  on call


Idiom:  on call

  • available and ready when needed
  • ready to serve when called

Example sentences

— My father is a doctor so he’s on call a lot and sometimes goes to the hospital at night.

— I'm desperately trying to find a job and am also on call with several temporary employment agencies.

— The National Guard is on call in case there are emergencies in the coastal areas due to the hurricane.

— When you are designated Officer in Charge, you are on call 24/7 and must be reachable at all times.

— I wish I could go to the beach this weekend but I'm on call on Sunday.

— We are on call 24/7 to help our clients with a variety of services including towing, battery replacement, repairing flat tires and other roadside assistance.

— As a Red Cross volunteer, when I'm on call I have to be ready to deploy within 24-hours if I'm selected.

— When you're a resident you're going to have to be on call at the hospital several days a week so you won't get a lot of sleep during that time.


  • at one's disposal
  • on alert
  • standing by

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