Idiom:  off and on (on and off)


Idiom:  off and on (on and off)

  • sometimes but not regularly
  • occasionally or sporadically

Example sentences

— The electricity has been off and on for the past five hours since the storm hit.

— My boyfriend and I were dating off and on for five years but this time it’s over and we’re never getting back together.

— Doctor, the pain in my stomach has been on and off for two months now but it’s becoming more frequent so I’m worried.

— It's been raining off and on for the past few days but it's supposed to be beautiful this weekend.

— Our daughter had been eating vegetarian food off and on for a few years before finally going vegan last month.

— Sheila's been doing temporary work for us as a receptionist off and on during the past few years she's been in college.

— You're not going to keep the weight off if you only eat well off and on.

— The restaurant makes mango shakes off and on during the times mangoes are in season.

— I wake up every time the air conditioner goes off and on at night. It's so noisy.


  • now and then
  • (every) once in awhile
  • from time to time
  • at times
  • on occasion
  • every/ever so often

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