Idiom:  odds and ends


Idiom:  odds and ends

  • a group of miscellaneous (often unimportant) things

Example sentences

— I made this quilt out of some odds and ends from the linen closet.

— I’ve got to finish a bunch of odds and ends before I leave the office tonight.

— Just pack these odds and ends in this box over here.

— Let's break into small groups and take care of the odds and ends the last afternoon of the conference.

— We've just about finished the report. The are just a few odds and ends to complete.

— A:  "What will you do with these odds and ends?" B: "I think we'll donate them to charity."

— There are always so many little odds and ends to handle whenever we move.

Once we sort through these odds and ends we can take a break and order a pizza.

— I made a cabinet with lots of little compartments for all of my mother's little odds and ends.

— We've hired a handyman to fix up some odds and ends like electrical wiring, painting and plumbing repairs.


  • this and that
  • small potatoes
  • bits and pieces
  • knickknacks

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