Idiom:  not know what hit you


Idiom:  not know what hit you

  • to be shocked and confused about something surprising that happens to you

Example sentences

— When my husband left me two weeks after we got married, I didn’t know what hit me.

— My mother came into my room and grabbed my phone so quickly that I didn’t know what hit me.

— The six-week physical fitness training is so intense at the military academy that new cadets often don't know what's hit them.

— We've experienced cold weather before of course but when got to Winnipeg, Canada it was so icy and cold we didn't know what had hit us.

— If you miss a payment on your credit card, your bank will raise your interest rate so high you won't know what hit you.

— When my 13 year-old son told us he got our neighbor's daughter pregnant we didn't know what hit us and were speechless.

— We didn't know what hit us when we came to Louisiana. The poverty in some areas is like a third world country.

— The visiting team scored eight goals so quickly the home team didn't know what had hit them.

— My parents never said anything negative about gays so I didn't know what had hit me after I came out of the closet and they disowned me. But I've survived.


  • be taken aback
  • do a double take
  • someone's jaw drops (open)

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