Idiom:  no offense


Idiom:  no offense (intended)

  • is used to say you hope what you're going to say will not offend someone.

Example sentences

— No offense but I only date guys who share my religion.

— No offense, however we’re looking for a candidate with better speaking skills.

— If you don't mind I prefer to stay at a hotel this time. No offense, I just have some work I need to finish.

— I'm really sorry I hurt your feelings. There was absolutely no offense intended.

— He said, no offense but my outfit looked really cheap.

— No offense intended but could you stop yelling so loudly? We're trying to sleep.

— How can you say "no offense" and then call your mother-in-law names?

— Would you like a mint? No offense but your breath smells really bad.

— No offense but I'd prefer if your wife drove us to the concert.


  • Don't take this the wrong way

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