Idiom:  no hard feelings


Idiom:  no hard feelings

  • to not be angry or have negative feelings toward someone, especially toward someone that you think has mistreated you

Note:  The expression "hard feelings" refers to anger or other negative feelings toward someone. This term is most often used in the form "no hard feelings" but can be used in a positive form. (e.g., Are there still hard feelings between you and your mother-in-law?)

Example sentences

— We decided to use a different supplier and I hope there will be no hard feelings.

— When my husband and I divorced it was very easy because there were no hard feelings between us.

— I was relieved there were no hard feelings between me and my coworker when I got the promotion instead of her. 

— It's hard not to have hard feelings when your best friend starts dating your ex-boyfriend a week after you break up.

— "I'm sorry I can't make it to your wedding." "Don't worry, there's no hard feelings." 

— I have two best friends and luckily, if I do something alone with just one of them there's no hard feelings with the other. 

— I was afraid but luckily there were no hard feelings between my siblings and I after my father gave me his old BMW. 

— There were no hard feelings when my colleague got a cubicle with a window because he started working here two months before me.

— Luckily no hard feelings remained with our neighbors after our children became enemies.

— As long as there's no hard feelings I'll be really happy.

— It's stupid to hold a grudge so there are no hard feelings on my part.


  • no ill will
  • no bad blood
  • no bone to pick

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