Idiom:  no end in sight


Idiom:  no end in sight

  • it seems impossible for a situation to change or stop

Example sentences

— I've been cleaning the garage for two days with no end in sight.

— It's still snowing at the beginning of April and there's no end in sight.

— We've been pulling weeds from the garden all morning and there's no end in sight.

— Shall we pull off the highway and try a side road? There's no end in sight to this traffic jam.

— This line is so long, there's no end in sight. Let's come back early tomorrow morning.

— We've been packing boxes all afternoon and they're still no end in sight.

— There's no end in sight to the complaints about the tenants in apartment 507.  It's time to start the eviction process.

— We've been working at this for five hours and there's no end in sight. Let's take a break.

— You've been ironing all day and there's still no end in sight? Just hire someone to help.

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